Our Environment

Our Environment

Our learning environments are beautiful yet comfortable, familiar yet new, challenging yet safe. In developing our environment we aimed to design flexible, appropriate, natural and dynamic spaces that respond to the specific needs of our children, encouraging curiosity and an ongoing desire to learn.

The choice of items and materials within each of our spaces, both indoors and out, is carefully thought out and is critical to encourage learning through meaningful play. To complement the numerous and varied educational toys, a large array of ‘open-ended’ resources are always available.  Research has proven that resources that have no predetermined use (open-ended) are highly effective in promoting and sustaining learning that lasts a lifetime.

At Real Kids, we use the outdoors as an established learning space. We are fortunate to have more than a quarter acre of purposefully-designed natural outdoor space providing opportunities for children to learn in and through nature and to build a love for the natural world.

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